Weylin - Amethyst Dragon


Weylin, to call him by a name more easily pronounceable for mortals, is a young amethyst dragon with strong magical talents and great ambitions. Troubled by the way mortals war amongst themselves, and treat his kindred, his chosen amongst all the lesser beings, he aspires to found a city, a kingdom even, in which everybody will be able to live in peace and harmony, free from the prejudice and encouraged to fulfill their calling in life. Supported in this endeavor and dream Weylin is by his trusted kindred, the elf woman Ysaera Verisanna Nightshield, whom he refers to as Dawnblade, or simply but affectionately ‘Dawn’.

Appearance: In demi-human form Weylin’s hair has the color of freshly fallen snow and can vary in length but will never reach past his upper back. In this form the dragon “suffers” from heterochromia iridum meaning his eyes do not share the same color. The right one is a deep red and the left one of sky-blue, however this is not the only thing that is abnormal about them as their pupils posses a uniquely swirled form. At times they seem melancholic, but also all the more charming for there appears to be a lingering presence, blessed with wisdom beyond the years. In those moments they appear to be glancing into the distance to a far-away place no one else can see, ostensibly longing for another point in time. Usually though they are filled with an energetic spark that can inspire and convey a sense of purpose accompanied by an aura of friendly mischief and hedonism in the way that Weylin is no stranger to the advantages of an existence in flesh.

His humanoid form is that of tall young man with pale skin and dark circles around his eyes indicating a lack of rest and perpetual exhaustion, despite his usual calm yet positive attitude. Both of his ears are pierced and usually adorned with silver tokens. His fingers are very long and almost delicate, though in combination with his tint they are comparable to the legs of a long dead spider or thin claws. Around the wrists the dragon wears a silver bracelet on the right and a black one made of onyx on the left; these jewelery is matched by a thin chain around his neck that ends in a pendant that has an amethyst embedded. Although Weylin has very thin lips, which seem to be all but void of color, he wears a bright and cheerful smile that is able to charm and rouse people and is usually worn all day, in arrangement with his eyes, which appear to be closed most of the time, he gives the impression of a laid back and jaunty chap.

As for clothes he prefers the practicality of boots and pants but never fails to vary up the rest of his wardrobe, usually entailing long coats. Furthermore Weylin is often seen spouting a red alice band/headband that was won by Dawn in an archery tournament at the founding of his city.

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Here I will note down some of the races I want to/have recruited!

Guado – Physiology The Guado are wooden and elvish in appearance with long limbs, over-sized hands, prominent veins on their faces, and hair resembling flora. Their history ahs it that the entire race is cursed with dark blood and will eventually die out due to a decreased fertility, however, legend has it that they will be saved by their god Tyrion should they amass enough knowledge to restock the Ancient Library. Conveniently enough this is a spiritual concept and every piece of literature in a building administrated by the Guado counts.

As a race inherently adapt at magic and highly skilled in managerial tasks it comes to no surprise to find most directorial/administrative functions to be occupied by a Guado.

Miqo’te – As a species, the Miqo’te have diverged into two separate race cultures; the Seekers of the Sun and the Keepers of the Moon. The Seekers of the Sun worship the goddess of the sun, Azeyma the Warden, and their culture revolves around the inclusion of the sun in their daily lives; becoming known as the diurnal clan of the Miqo’te race; active during the day. The Keepers of the Moon are nocturnal. Shying from the garish light of day, they revel in the shroud of night, and offer their piety to Menphina the Lover, goddess of the moon. The Keepers of the Moon also have a custom of applying war paint to their faces, as it is believed the vivid colors grant lunar powers.

Physiology Due to the differences of their cultures, there are some physical differences between the Seekers of the Sun and the Keepers of the Moon. Due to their exposure to light, the pupils of a “Seeker of the Sun” are vertically aligned slits with irises faintly colored. It is also not uncommon for their eyes to be disparately colored from birth, a trait considered auspicious amongst their kind. In contrast, due to their exposure to darkness, the pupils of a “Keeper of the Moon” are large and round, with very little iris exposure. They are distinguishable from their diurnal cousins by their darker fur, larger ears, rounder eyes, more pronounced canines, and longer, skinnier tails. Both groups share a superb sense of smell and powerful leg muscles, results of a long evolution geared towards hunting and predation.

They both though make for excellent scouts and skirmishers and are very skilled leather workers; however, for some reason they detest large masses of water and distrust boats and ships on principal.

Nait – Sabes: A race that appears to be mostly human but with slanted eyes and hair that is either pitch black or white as snow. Their eyes are red and their canine elongated, paired with their cold bodies, their average temperature is far below what would be considered normal for average mammals, it makes them slightly unnerving for normal people. Their society is faced with a strange problem in that only about a fourth of the population is male, making it a requirement for these members of their tribe to be passed around the female part in order to sleep with as many women as possible in order to increase chances for another male and thus have the race continue. Graced with incredible martial talent they make for excellent warriors but due to their adaptive nature and zealous mindset they can excel at almost anything they set their mind to. These people were historically only limited by their slow increase in population and near genocides by other races who had judged them as too ambitious. (Led by a Swashbuckler, a master crafts(wo)man and a warrior)

Halflings: Half the size of an average human a tribe or two flogged to the city in order to take advantage of its pristine location and fertile soil. Today the two clans compete on who raises the better crop and cattle, thus contributing largely to the food supply of the city. However, their favoritism for narcotics/tobacco is another product that has a measureable impact on/spread to the other citizen’s recreational activities.

Dwarves or Gorons: cant quite decide, but I want miners/tech savy people!

Zora: cause they will populate the river/coast and help supply with food/keep safe from the sea

Weylin - Amethyst Dragon

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