The Council Reforged: The Resurgence of Dragonkind

To plan my kingdom - Weylin
Kingdom Come

Here is where I will note down everything related to what I have in mind for my kingdom, from the races I’d like to recruit to the Vassals to stuff I want to overall plans I have for the advancement. If you got any feedback for this, especially how I can help you take part in this, how it could be altered to be interesting for your character as well, you are hereby required to gimme a shout! >: D

Without further ado:

Vassals aka named characters I’d like to eventually meet and recruit:

Sarah Lyon’Tarel– a tech savvy woman (I’d genuinely like a human female for this tbh) who’s as crazy as she is ingenious. Obsessed with the possibilities the power of steam can provide she spends her hours building and constructing. Originally ostracized from society for her strange ideas and ideals she quickly warmed up to Weylin when she came to know his own passion for creating things. This and the promise of her own laboratory fashioned after her own plans was what ultimately led her to leave her home and join the dragon’s kingdom.

Quinn of the Nait-Sabes, a young and jubilant fellow whose passion and hedonism at times is contagious, however, his wanderlust and skill with the blade are famous even amongst his kin. A swashbuckler through and through Quinn possesses as much panache as he does luck and makes his way through the world seemingly by blindly stumbling from one adventure into the next. However, it is that very same trait that makes him so valuable because from his journeys Quinn always returns with interesting token, valuable information or any other addition of sorts.

Keiko of the Nait-Sabes, older sister to Quinn and one of the strongest weapon masters of her kin she is a stern and stalwart rose – beautiful but ready to make anybody regret coming close to her. More than anything she craved a place to call her home and when her tribe finally settled down she was quick to make her value known and now is in charge of the armed forces. A pragmatic woman she willing makes calls others would not dare to and defends the opinion that the end justifies the means. Keiko gets along famously with Dawn, Weylin’s kindred, and is the closest to a true friend the elf woman has.

Seyan of the Guado, ancient by even Guado standards this old and powerful wizard is as wise as he is intelligent and thus an invaluable addition to any council. While his kindred are usually of stern opinion and guided by rationalism alone he is more easily opened to the sways and reasons of other people making him the go to mediator for many. Furthermore he is the leader of the Guado in Weylin’s kingdom.

Maelana ‘Maev’ Sunstrider, Miqo’te, Seeker of the Sun, this young catlike lady is an archer of such skill that she could make even an elf weep tears of envy. Well aware of her talent and prowess Maev, as a joyful extrovert, takes pride in her skill as scout and ranger and lives to serve – partially because she considers Weylin to be her perfect, and future, husband. She openly flirts with the dragon once he takes his demi form and seldom fails to speak of how beautiful of a litter they could procure if they were to lie with one another.

Let’s talk races for a bit!

As a race inherently adapt at magic and highly skilled in managerial tasks it comes to no surprise to find most directorial/administrative functions to be occupied by a Guado.
Physiology The Guado are wooden and elvish in appearance with long limbs, over-sized hands, prominent veins on their faces, and hair resembling flora. Their history has it that the entire race is cursed with dark blood and will eventually die out due to a decreased fertility, however, legend has it that they will be saved by their god Tyrion should they amass enough knowledge to restock the Ancient Library. Conveniently enough this is a spiritual concept and every piece of literature in a building administrated by the Guado counts.

As a species, the Miqo’te have diverged into two separate race cultures; the Seekers of the Sun and the Keepers of the Moon. The Seekers of the Sun worship the goddess of the sun, Azeyma the Warden, and their culture revolves around the inclusion of the sun in their daily lives; becoming known as the diurnal clan of the Miqo’te race; active during the day. The Keepers of the Moon are nocturnal. Shying from the garish light of day, they revel in the shroud of night, and offer their piety to Menphina the Lover, goddess of the moon. The Keepers of the Moon also have a custom of applying war paint to their faces, as it is believed the vivid colors grant lunar powers.
Physiology Due to the differences of their cultures, there are some physical differences between the Seekers of the Sun and the Keepers of the Moon. Due to their exposure to light, the pupils of a “Seeker of the Sun” are vertically aligned slits with irises faintly colored. It is also not uncommon for their eyes to be disparately colored from birth, a trait considered auspicious amongst their kind. In contrast, due to their exposure to darkness, the pupils of a “Keeper of the Moon” are large and round, with very little iris exposure. They are distinguishable from their diurnal cousins by their darker fur, larger ears, rounder eyes, more pronounced canines, and longer, skinnier tails. Both groups share a superb sense of smell and powerful leg muscles, results of a long evolution geared towards hunting and predation.
They both though make for excellent scouts and skirmishers and are very skilled leatherworkers; however, for some reason they detest large masses of water and distrust boats and ships on principal.

Nait – Sabes:
A race that appears to be mostly human but with slanted eyes and hair that is either pitch black or white as snow. Their eyes are red and their canine elongated, paired with their cold bodies, their average temperature is far below what would be considered normal for average mammals, it makes them slightly unnerving for normal people. Their society is faced with a strange problem in that only about a fourth of the population is male, making it a requirement for these members of their tribe to be passed around the female part in order to sleep with as many women as possible in order to increase chances for another male and thus have the race continue. Graced with incredible martial talent they make for excellent warriors but due to their adaptive nature and zealous mindset they can excel at almost anything they set their mind to. These people were historically only limited by their slow increase in population and near genocides by other races who had judged them as too ambitious. (Led by a Swashbuckler, a master crafts(wo)man and a warrior)

Half the size of an average human a tribe or two flogged to the city in order to take advantage of its pristine location and fertile soil. Today the two clans compete on who raises the better crop and cattle, thus contributing largely to the food supply of the city. However, their favoritism for narcotics/tobacco is another product that has a measureable impact on/spread to the other citizen’s recreational activities.

Dwarves or Gorons:
cant quite decide, but I want miners/tech savy people!

cause they will populate the river/coast and help supply with food/keep safe from the sea

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